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RAC advises motorists facing foggy conditions

News   •   Dec 28, 2016 12:53 GMT

With the Met Office issuing a new weather warning for fog, RAC head of external affairs Pete Williams said:

“Always take extra caution when driving in adverse weather conditions and never underestimate Mother Nature. If visibility is poor, make sure you leave plenty of space between you and the car in front – double the gap from the usual two seconds to four seconds.

“The Highway Code states you must check your mirrors and slow down before entering fog. If visibility is reduced to around 100 metres (328 feet), which is roughly the length of a football pitch, you must use your headlights. And if the word ‘fog’ is shown on a warning signs, but the road is clear, be prepared for fog that could appear out of the blue and significantly alter your view of the road ahead. It’s important to remain fully aware of other road users too.

“Checking the local weather regularly, keeping up-to-date with Met Office alerts and making sure you have the right winter kit in the car is essential. Keep a warm and waterproof coat handy, as well as blankets, boots, a shovel and a fully charged mobile phone in case of an emergency.

“It’s a good idea to consider investing in a set of winter tyres that withstand colder temperatures and provide greater traction on icy roads during wintry spells.

"Ultimately, if the weather looks like it’s going to get worse, make a decision about how necessary it is to drive in the first place.”