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RAC comment on Government plans to trial lorry platooning

News   •   Aug 25, 2017 10:13 BST

Commenting on the Government's announcement that it plans to trial platooning of lorries on UK roads. RAC roads policy spokesman Nicholas Lyes said:

“We broadly support the Government’s commitment to a thorough and independent phased trial to examine the safety and feasibility of lorry platooning. However it is vital that every step is taken to ensure that the public are made fully aware of the details of these tests to give them confidence that the technology will be safe in practice. It is also important that drivers are aware through signage that autonomous platoons are on the carriageway – seeing manned lorries driving very close to each other could be a disconcerting sight in a high speed environment. It is vital that system checks and processes also reduce any likeliness of a catastrophic breakdown amongst any of the lorries.

“The principle offers clear benefits in helping to reduce congestion at the same time as lowering emissions and fuel costs. However, the safety of all other roads users must always be the priority and guiding principle of a robust trial.”