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RAC comments as fuel prices begin to rise

News   •   Mar 15, 2016 11:05 GMT

RAC fuel spokesman Simon Williams said: “With two supermarkets now having increased their prices at the pump, we may well see others follow suit this week unless they’re prepared to absorb increased wholesale costs for the benefit of their customers. As a result we’re seeing average prices rise slightly, with a litre of unleaded petrol now being sold for a little under 103p and diesel for just over that price.

“Fortunately, while the crude oil price has risen it causing wholesale fuel prices to go up, it is still relatively low – currently hovering around the $40 a barrel mark. So while the magic sight of fuel being sold for under £1 a litre might be starting to disappear, we don’t think motorists need to be concerned that prices are going to suddenly shoot up, unless of course the Chancellor decides to increase fuel duty in tomorrow’s Budget.

“The slight increase in wholesale fuel prices should not be an excuse for more expensive retailers, including motorway service stations, to hike the cost of fuel and unfairly hit the motorist.”