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RAC comments on DfT drink-drive casualty figures 2015

News   •   Aug 03, 2017 14:27 BST

We have seen a stubborn, plateauing of the drink-drive casualty figures since 2010

The Department for Transport has released the final estimates for road casualties in GB for accidents involving illegal alcohol levels for 2015.

RAC road safety spokesman Pete Williams said: “The figures for alcohol-related road casualties and accidents in 2015 are a cause for concern as they show a 4% increase in the number of people killed or seriously injured compared to the previous year.

“We have seen a stubborn, plateauing of the drink-drive casualty figures since 2010 but this could show the start of a worrying trend in the opposite direction and is further evidence that we can’t afford to be complacent about drink-drive levels in the UK.

“It is difficult to say whether this is down to a hard core of persistent drink-drivers who appear to believe they are above the law or if drinking and driving is becoming more acceptable to a broader group.

“We call on the Government to review the drink-drive limit in England and Wales and to draw on evidence from Scotland to review the merits of reducing the blood alcohol limit following their experience.

“Our research shows that drinking and driving remains a serious concern for motorists with 22% stating it is one of their top four motoring concerns. A majority of motorists would like to see the drink-drive limit reduced to 50mg/100ml or less.

“The RAC calls on the Government to remind motorists of the dangers of drink-driving and to support the police in enforcing the law. We also believe that without a clear target for road casualty reduction we are unlikely to see the numbers of casualties fall further from the levels they reached in 2010.”