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RAC comments on Local Government Ombudsman report on parking fines

News   •   Feb 06, 2017 15:16 GMT

Following the publication of a new report by the Local Government Ombudsman looking at parking fines in England, RAC public affairs spokesman Nick Lyes said: “This report paints an alarming picture of motorists paying more than they should do because they haven’t been given the correct advice on how to challenge their tickets if they feel they have been done an injustice.

“The RAC’s 2016 Report on Motoring shows that the cost and availability of parking is becoming a far bigger issue for motorists so in the interests of building trust between local authorities and motorists, it is vital that councils provide clear advice on how to challenge parking tickets.

“Motorists who feel a ticket has been given to them incorrectly should be able to challenge it in a fair, quick and transparent manner.”