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RAC comments on National Travel Survey 2016 findings

News   •   Jul 27, 2017 12:01 BST

Commenting on figures released today as part of the National Travel Survey 2016RAC roads policy spokesman Nicholas Lyes said:

“The National Travel Survey gives us an eye-opening view on the long-term changing trends in travel across the UK.

“The number of young people learning to drive is clearly decreasing, with the main reasons given for this being a lack of interest in driving and the cost. While the cost of learning to drive is significant, the spiralling cost of insuring a car after passing the test must be the main barrier to young people starting their driving careers.

“With other figures showing that car availability per household is now at its highest level on record, and that over the last ten years the majority of journeys made by car remain extremely short, this reflects a simple reality that for many of us the car is – rightly or wrongly – the only viable option for most trips.

“Fewer and fewer of us appear to be opting for the one alternative form of public transport that is most widely available – the bus. This suggests a comprehensive, reliable and good value bus network just doesn’t exist for many people. Huge strides are going to be needed to invest in public transport if the Government is to encourage people to use other forms of transport as part of trying to clean up the UK’s air.”