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RAC comments on plans to fine parents for doing the the school drop-off

News   •   Sep 06, 2017 14:20 BST

Parents and carers around the country are facing new tougher rules which threaten to end the school run as councils and head teachers struggle to manage road safety and air quality pressures.

RAC road safety spokesman Pete Williams said: "Many hard-pressed parents have little option but to drive their children to school as they juggle busy family and work lives but they would also be receptive to measures to improve air quality.

"Idling engines are a major source of pollution so we welcome authorities attempting to address this - however the best way to do this is to encourage parents to do this without a rush to hand out fines. Local authorities should work closely with schools to make it clear that leaving an engine running is not only bad for fuel economy, but is contributing to poor air quality around the school. We welcome an approach to educate drivers with signs and banners outside schools encouraging engines to be switched of or risk being fined."