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RAC comments on plans to use new cameras to catch texting drivers in New South Wales

News   •   May 04, 2018 10:57 BST

Following reports that New South Wales in Australia will be the first place in the world to use new camera technology to catch drivers using a mobile phone illegally, RAC Be Phone Smart campaign spokesman Rod Dennis said:

“One of the real challenges in clamping down on this dangerous behaviour is making drivers believe they will be caught – and given the increasing prevalence of mobile phones, it is very much a global problem.

“Motorists need to believe that using a handheld phone brings real consequences – and move on from thinking that it is just a minor momentary indiscretion that will go unpunished.

“We very much support police forces’ regular enforcement campaigns that help send a message to offending drivers that the law is not on their side. At the same time we know that forces up and down the country are under pressure, and with the best will in the world will never be able to catch every motorist.

“So new technology, such as that proposed by the New South Wales government, could be a game-changer in the UK. If proven to be accurate in detecting illegal use, it could really help shift behaviour and, in turn, save lives. We would encourage enforcement agencies here to look into what role it could play. ”