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RAC comments on potential Brexit 'no deal' impact on drivers heading to the EU

News   •   Sep 13, 2018 15:30 BST

Following the publication by the Government of guidance on driving in the EU in the event of a 'no-deal' BrexitRAC Europe spokesperson Rod Dennis said: 

“Research we conducted showed that drivers are concerned that the ease, and relative affordability, of driving across the Channel will be eroded from next March. While the majority would like certainty that costs and inconvenience will not increase (59% and 57% respectively), four in 10 (41%) of drivers believe it will get more expensive and 55% think there will be more hassle.

“For the 2.6m private motorists and lorry drivers that head to EU countries each year, we would hope that any Brexit agreement makes travel as seamless and straightforward as possible. However, it is right that in the event of a ‘no-deal’ with the EU, the Government takes steps to make sure motorists know what is required when driving in EU countries.

“If no deal is reached, motorists planning on taking their car to EU countries after 29th March 2019 may be required to apply for one or possibly two different International Driving Permits (IDPs). From the 1st February 2019, IDPs will be available only through the Post Office at a cost of £5.50 per document. At present, motorists do not require an IDP to drive in EU states. An IDP may also be required for UK drivers hiring vehicles when in the EU. But ultimately, whether an IDP is required is dependent on negotiations between the Government and the European Union.”