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RAC comments on Press Association vehicle theft study

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RAC comments on Press Association vehicle theft study

Commenting on a study by the Press Association that suggests a relatively small proportion of suspects are identified in cases of vehicle theft, RAC Insurance spokesperson Simon Williams said:

“Motorists will be shocked to see the number of car thefts has risen at such an alarming rate as for many years as it had been far lower. This is a sign that thieves have found ways around car security systems and have ways of selling vehicles on with little or no fear of being caught.

“The fact fewer suspects are being identified is very worrying and no doubt a symptom of the declining number of police officers and the resulting reduction in time that can be dedicated to investigating these crimes. As cars are being stolen by professional gangs with the necessary skills and equipment, the overall number of thefts would reduce dramatically if just a few could be tracked down and prosecuted.

“While those directly affected by this crime will have to pay higher insurance premiums, there is also a nasty side effect for every motorist as it is very likely to make their insurance policies more expensive.”



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