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RAC comments on Scottish council's decision to redefine pothole size

News   •   Mar 09, 2016 10:21 GMT

RAC spokesman Rod Dennis said: “Potholes are a menace for drivers. The state of local roads was the number one concern of Scottish drivers we interviewed for the most recent RAC Report on Motoring, and sadly it looks as though the situation is getting worse in some regions.

"Analysis of RAC breakdown data also shows that Scotland saw the third greatest year-on-year rise in the number of call-outs to vehicles likely to have suffered damaged due to poor road surfaces. In 2015 RAC patrols went to the aid of 2,537 motorists in Scotland who had experienced broken shock absorbers, ruined suspension parts and distorted or damaged wheels – 27% more than they did the year before.

“It is a reality that councils are having to make some difficult decisions on where to cut spending. And despite the state of local roads being a priority for many motorists, spending on local road maintenance isn’t ring-fenced, so there will always be a temptation to cut this particular line of the budget sheet.

“Committing to only fixing larger potholes is a false economy. The larger a pothole becomes, the greater risk it represents to road users and the more costly it becomes to repair. While in the short term the council might save money by repairing only larger potholes, it is saving up an expensive problem for further down the line.

“Motorists have a role to play here though – it is now easier than ever to report problem potholes, such as via the RAC’s Report Pothole app. By giving councils a greater understanding of the sheer number of potholes on their roads, there is perhaps a chance they might reconsider where budget cuts take place in the future.”