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RAC: "Concerted, sustained effort needed from government, police and motorists" to end phone use epidemic

News   •   Oct 31, 2016 16:58 GMT

Following the conclusion of court proceedings against a driver caught using a handheld device while driving, RAC road safety spokesman Pete Williams said:

“This is a horrific case which serves to highlight the menace of handheld mobile phone at the wheel.

“A concerted, sustained effort is needed from government, the police and indeed all of us as individual motorists to tackle the epidemic of illegal handheld phone use.

“The RAC advocates a combined approach is taken to stamp out the practice which should include stronger enforcement of the existing law, harsher penalties for those caught and, crucially, a comprehensive package of driver education that challenges the commonly-held attitude that a quick check of a handheld phone while driving is somehow acceptable.

“But aside from what changes institutions can bring about it remains the case that all of us, as individual motorists, ultimately share responsibility for ensuring the safety both of ourselves and of other road users. As cases like this demonstrate, one distracted moment behind the wheel can have a multitude of unintended consequences and can destroy innocent lives. If the temptation to use a handheld phone to make calls, text or check social media while driving is just too strong, drivers are best served switching their phone to silent and keeping it well out of reach.”