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RAC issues driving advice ahead of arrival of Storm Doris

News   •   Feb 21, 2017 14:40 GMT

RAC Traffic Watch spokesman Rod Dennis said: "Drivers need be wary of feisty Storm Doris which will be hitting our shores on Thursday bringing high winds and heavy rainfall which will make for potentially dangerous driving conditions.

"Motorists are advised to take extra care particularly in Wales, the Midlands and the north east which are expected to take the brunt of her energies. Be prepared to reduce your speed, allow plenty of room between your car and the vehicle in front and be wary of aquaplaning where water accumulates on the road.

"Be mindful that there will be strong gusts of wind, so ensure you have a good grip of the steering wheel and take extra care when overtaking high-sided vehicles and passing motorcyclists and cyclists who are susceptible to be buffeted and blown off course the wind. In extreme conditions it may be worth delaying your journey if possible until storm conditions pass, but it looks as though Storm Doris's impact will be relatively brief."