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RAC reacts to new NHS England hospital parking charges data

News   •   Dec 21, 2015 14:29 GMT

RAC spokesman Simon Williams said: “Our research shows that almost nine in 10 motorists (88%) think parking in hospitals should be free – this view is even more prevalent among those aged 65 or older (93%).

“If hospitals in England are to continue charging for parking, the least they could do is make it as fair as possible both in terms of charges and ease of payment. The vast majority of people surveyed recently by the RAC would like to see car parks where payment is made on leaving so they don’t have try to guess their length of stay.

“And, considering most of these car parks are run by highly profitable private parking firms, you would think they would be able to equip them with modern machines that give change and accept card payments. Both of these features would help to take away some of the stress about being fined when attending a worrying appointment, receiving treatment or urgently visiting a sick relative.”