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RAC responds to drink-drive accident statistics

News   •   Sep 30, 2016 13:01 BST

RAC public affairs manager Nick Lyes said: “The latest figures on drivers failing drink-drive breath tests following an accident should be of concern to the Government, and worryingly they chime with the latest findings in the 2016 RAC Report on Motoring.

“Our research indicates a softening of attitudes among drivers when it comes to drink-driving: 6% of motorists admitted to driving over the limit over the last year, up from 3% in 2012, while the number of people who are sure they haven’t driven over the limit has dropped from 89% in 2012 to 80% in 2016.

“Concern about drivers who are over the limit has also fallen in recent years which may suggest the message over the seriousness of the consequences of drink-driving has started to become lost. Successive campaigns over a number of years have been effective in making drink-driving more socially unacceptable, but clearly a focus needs to remain on this so that accident rates as a result of driving under the influence do not now start rising on a more regular basis.

“We continue to believe the Government should look at the merits of a lower drink-drive limit in England and Wales, bringing it in line with Scotland and many other European countries. This data will undoubtedly add to the argument that the limit should be reviewed.”