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RAC responds to Government plans to quadruple speeding fines

News   •   Jun 10, 2014 00:00 BST

The Government has announced plans for speeding fines to rise from £2,5000 to £10,000 and for fines for use of mobile phones while driving to increase from £1,000 to £4,000.

Pete Williams, head of external affairs at the RAC, said: “What we’re seeing is an ever-increasing level of fines and penalties for motorists coming out of Whitehall with little-to-no improvement in how these are enforced. While legislation clearly needs to act as a deterrent, there seems little point in making such massive hikes without the proper infrastructure to back it up.

“Many motorists who do speed or use their mobile at the wheel don’t think they will get caught despite the already significant fines. When will we hear the Government is investing in better road safety awareness campaigns and police on the roads, rather than just doling out what looks like revenue-boosting punishment?”