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RAC responds to NICE no-idling recommendation

News   •   Jun 30, 2017 00:01 BST

Commenting on news that NICE is to advocate no-idling zones, RAC roads policy spokesman Nick Lyes said: 

“We welcome the principle of no-idling zones, especially outside schools, hospitals and care homes. No-one should have to suffer dirty air as a result of a driver leaving their engine on unnecessarily. Sadly, many drivers don’t realise the harm they are causing by doing this.

“Schools should work closely with local authorities to first encourage parents to switch their engines off. It’s right that those that then persist in leaving them on should be subject to a charge.

“While it is going to take a combination of different actions to rid our towns and cities of dirty air, introducing no-idling zones is one simple step that we can do now that can lead to cleaner air for all of us.

“Other actions, such as encouraging a smoother flow of vehicles by optimising the phasing of traffic lights and replacing speed humps with speed cushions, can also go a long way in tackling Britain’s air pollution problem.”