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RAC welcomes Asda's latest 2p a litre fuel price cut due tomorrow

News   •   Feb 15, 2018 20:03 GMT

Asda has announced that from tomorrow it will cut its fuel prices by 2p a litre - the same day that the RAC called for a fresh fuel price cut as wholesale continue to fall. 

RAC fuel spokesman Simon Williams said: “This time Asda has announced a 2p fuel price cut with unleaded capped at 116.7p and diesel at 118.7p on the same day we called for a fresh price cut. The supermarkets have to be recognised when they do the right thing for their customers and the conditions are such that a further fuel price cut was due. We welcome the transparency and their swift response.

“It would be good now to see other supermarkets following suit with a cut and, ideally, introducing their own price caps, even if they can’t drop their prices as low. And we would expect other fuel retailers large and small to bring their prices down as well.

“The indicators are pointing in favour of drivers, who have endured higher fuel prices since July 2017, with lower wholesale prices resulting from a fall in the oil price and a strengthening of the pound against the dollar.”