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RAC welcomes proposal to allow learner drivers to have motorway lessons

News   •   Dec 30, 2016 11:24 GMT

M6 motorway at Walsall

RAC spokesman Simon Williams said: “We welcome the proposal to allow competent learner drivers to practise driving on motorways under the supervision of their instructor in a dual-controlled car.

“While new drivers understand the theory of how to drive on a motorway they currently cannot gain any practical experience until they pass their test. Only then are they legally allowed to drive on our fastest roads which can be an extremely daunting prospect the first time they do it on their own.

“RAC research shows that a quarter of motorists feel uncomfortable driving on the motorway but hopefully by allowing learners to gain valuable experience prior to getting their full licences this will change and the overall level of confidence about driving on the motorway will improve.

“Despite carrying the most traffic motorways are statistically our safest roads, accounting for 6% of fatalities in 2015 whereas country roads are responsible for 51% of lives lost. Seeking to avoid driving on the motorway because of concerns about safety is therefore not necessarily the best choice.”