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RAC welcomes supermarket electric vehicle charger roll-out announcement

News   •   Nov 30, 2018 00:01 GMT

Reacting to the news that Pod Point, Tesco and VW have struck a deal that will see the roll-out of thousands more electric charging points at supermarkets, RAC spokesperson Rod Dennis said:

“For more than a year we have been calling for charging infrastructure in places where drivers are likely to spend extended periods of time, such as supermarkets and public car parks, so we applaud all the parties involved in agreeing this deal. It is excellent news for current drivers of electric vehicles, and may even be enough to tempt some of those thinking of switching to one. Crucially, it will go some way towards reducing so-called ‘range anxiety’, where drivers are concerned they will run out of charge before completing a journey.

“The fact that a choice of charging speeds will be offered at Tesco sites will also likely suit the needs of a lot of electric and plug-in hybrid car drivers – it will mean they can receive a welcome boost of electric charge for minimum fuss while they do their regular shop, with some benefiting from completely free charging.

“Strong and easy-to-use charging infrastructure, alongside the development of battery technology and lower upfront costs, is vital in accelerating the take-up of electric vehicles.

“The sight of a line of cars charging in a supermarket is about to become much more common, and will be a clear signal that the dawn of electric vehicles, and with all the air quality benefits that they bring, really is arriving.”